How to Properly Tape Moving Boxes

When you are loading items into a moving truck or placing them into a storage unit, it is essential that you know they are secure. Placing your possessions within boxes and other types of packaging options allows you to keep them protected, efficiently organised and easier to load. When it comes to boxing items, it is important that you know how to tape moving boxes. Taping them most effectively can be the difference between protecting your valuables or damaging them.

Proper Materials

The first thing that you need to consider before you even apply tape is the type of materials that you are using. You do not have to necessarily use expensive packaging solutions, but you need to use options that are designed to offer high levels of durability. This means that you require boxes designed for storage and you also need to use specially designed packing tape. Trying to tape moving boxes using scotch tape will not allow for the best results. Packing tape is designed to be stronger and comes in a dispenser that makes application simpler. You will be able to use less tape when securing each box as long as you are using the right type of packing tape.

Bottom Taping

It is essential that you begin by taping the bottom of moving boxes. Simply overlapping the flaps on opposite sides is not a string enough packing surface. This means that you need to secure the bottom of the moving box using packing tape. The method that you should follow when taping the bottom of the box is known as the "H" method. This means that you apply the tape to resemble the formation of the 'H" symbol. Two opposite sides of the box and a seam through the middle should be taped using packing tape. If you have an especially heavy load, you can add more security by applying tape in the "x" formation overtop of the "H" formation that you already applied.

Top of Box

Taping the top of a moving box ix similar to the bottom and involves using the "H" packing method. This is what packing professionals follow, so it will allow you to secure the box in the most effective way. Just be sure that all ends of the packing tape are attached to the box and that the tape is entirely flat. You can also make taping simpler by creating a tab after you remove a piece of tape. This will allow you to easily continue taping without having to search for the end of the roll.