Pac(k) Man: 5 Mistakes To Avoid when Packing to Moving House

Packing to move house can be stressful experience. With so much to plan and do, it can be easy to make mistakes which can cause additional strain and stress. Below are 5 mistakes people make when packing for the big move.

Not Having a Plan

Having a plan is key to packing your belongings successfully. If you pack in a random fashion, not only are you more likely to be unable to find anything when you unpack at the other end, you also increase the chance you will lose or forget items altogether. To avoid this, you should create a packing calendar for the days leading up to the move, listing what items you will pack from which rooms. This will allow you to prioritise your packing regime, starting from one room and working around the house.

Not Labelling Boxes

One mistake that will cost you plenty of time when you come it comes to unpacking is unlabelled boxes. While you might believe you can remember which items are packed in which boxes, the chances are, you won't when you get to the other end. Ensure that you clearly and correctly label each box as soon as it is packed and sealed to prevent any mix-ups.

Not Getting Packing Help

The old adage is true that many pairs of hands make light work. If you have a large amount of belongings, you should consider enlisting the help of friends, family or a professional removal company to help with the packing, lifting and carrying.

Not Packing Essential Items Separately

Once you have packed, it is possible you will need to spend a final night in your old property, and it could be a day or so before you are properly unpacked in your new home. For this reason, you should pack an essential items box full of things you might need during this time, such as medications, bottled water, a change of clothes, and towels and toiletries. Just remember to keep this box or bag separate from your other belongings.

Leaving it Too Late

While it can be very tempting to put off packing your things, it is perhaps one of the worse mistakes people make during a move. You should make sure you allocate enough time so you can pack all of your belongings. While it is often impossible to pack items which you need everyday, you should also pre-pack any items you definitely will not need before the move, such as out of season clothing, well in advance. You should also spread your packing over a number of days or weeks, aiming to pack even just a few items on days when you are busy with other things.