A Few Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Boat Storage

When buying a boat, you need to consider where and how you'll store it; the boat may fit in your home's garage but then not leave room for the car, and you may not want to risk damaging the boat with lawn care equipment, bikes, and the like that also go in the garage. When choosing boat storage, note a few tips on making the right choice.

Marina and dry rack storage

Marina storage means that you rent a slip at a dock or marina and your boat stays in that slip. This is good for those who want to use their boat from that one location and who use it often. You don't need to worry about getting your boat on and off a trailer or rack when you have it parked at a marina.

Dry rack storage is very similar; the boat is put on a rack, out of the water, at the marina. This gives you the advantage of not needing to tow your boat to another location. While you do need to lower your boat into the water when you want to use it, this is typically very easy to do from the marina dock or station where the boat is located. Dry rack gives you access to the boat's hull so you can easily clean it or make repairs. 

The disadvantage of both marina and dry rack storage is that your boat is exposed to the elements year-round. You may need to invest in a good boat cover for both types of storage; even if dry rack storage includes a canopy or awning, this may not offer complete protection from storms. With marina storage, your boat could also be damaged in very high winds if it were to hit the dock or another nearby boat. 


One advantage of self-storage is that your boat is on its trailer at all times, so you can more readily make repairs or clean it than if you stored it in a slip. If you do opt for such a facility, be sure you can find a unit that is large enough to fit your boat while allowing you to walk around and work the trailer hitch, tighten the cover, and the like. You may want the cheapest unit you can find but shouldn't get one too small. You also want to note if you can easily maneuver your boat around the storage facility; if the buildings are too close together, you risk scraping your boat as you turn a corner.