Two mistakes that could delay the arrival of your furniture when you move house

If you want to ensure that the arrival of your furniture is not delayed when you move to your new house, here are two mistakes that you must avoid making.

Not checking your furniture for fleas prior to the arrival of the furniture removalists

If your current home is occupied not only by humans but also by cats or dogs, then it is important to keep in mind that some of your furniture could be infested with fleas. If the infestation is still in its early stages, it might not be particularly noticeable. As such, even if you have not noticed your pets scratching themselves or spotted any flea bites on your own skin, you should still get a magnifying glass and examine your sofas, mattresses, armchairs and any other upholstered furniture for signs of the presence of this insect.

If you make the mistake of not doing this at least a few days prior to the arrival of the furniture removalists, then they might not be able to take all of your furniture in their vehicle. The reason for this is as follows; if your furniture has been colonised by fleas and you do not apply a flea treatment to it to kill off these insects before the house move, it is possible that the furniture removalists will notice the infestation and will not be prepared to transport these items.

A furniture removalist might make the decision not to transport these infested items if they fear that putting these pieces of furniture into their van could result in some of the fleas being left behind in the container of this vehicle. This is a valid concern, as any fleas that remain in their van could infest their other clients' furniture that they transport in this container in the future. In this situation, you might have to leave the infested furniture in your current house for several days after moving house until you can find a spare moment to apply a flea treatment to it or find a way to transport it yourself.

Failing to fully sanitise the cushion covers on your outdoor furniture before the move

If you own any outdoor furniture that features cushioned seats with removable covers, you should take off these covers and sanitise them (by applying disinfectant to them or putting them through a boiling-hot wash cycle in your washing machine) before the removalists come to pick them up. Choosing not to do this might cause problems when you move.

The reason for this is as follows: rodents often traverse outdoor furniture whilst foraging for food in people's gardens. When they do this, they may leave behind waste excretions on the surfaces of this furniture. If there are visible traces of rat or mouse urine and droppings on your outdoor furniture when you give it to the removalists, they might not be able to transport it for health and safety reasons (as the waste products produced by rodents can be extremely toxic to those that come into close contact with them). As such, if you don't want the delivery of your outdoor furniture to be delayed, you must ensure that it is sanitised.

To find out what else you can do to make sure that your furniture can be moved quickly and efficiently, contact furniture removalists in your area today.