Need Extra Storage Space for Your Small Business? How to Keep Everything Organised

If your business is choking under piles of stuff, you may consider hiring a storage unit to create more space. Small businesses can benefit from moving items into an easily accessible storage unit (where they can access stuff on demand). Think of it as 'just-in-time' inventory, where you can retrieve and re-organise business equipment at a more affordable cost. But hiring a storage unit is only the first step. To get the best out of this additional space, you'll need to keep everything organised. There are many different strategies that business owners use. You may take full advantage of technology by using barcodes, or you may decide to create coloured labels. Regardless of the approach you use, keeping your items organised will involve each of the following steps.  

It starts with proper labelling

Inventory management would be impossible without a labelling scheme. Depending on what you're planning to keep in storage, your labelling strategy will be different. For example, storing office supplies may necessitate having clear and detailed labels on boxes. As long as each box can be easily identified via the label, you can keep the boxes anywhere within easy reach. It helps to cluster similar items together to avoid confusion. For example, have all your paper, stationery and machines in sections where you can easily identify them. You can also install shelving within the unit and have each shelf space clearly labelled using laminated paper. This strategy works for non-compact items such as kitchenware, monitors, and printers.

Have enough space to access items

After labelling items and allocating shelf space, you should arrange the area so that there's enough room to move around. All too often, people fill up the storage unit from top to bottom so that nothing is within easy reach. This makes locating items a nightmare and could also impact operational efficiency. Make sure your storage unit is large enough to allow for walking space. You should also take advantage of the walls and edges to store as many items as possible. This leaves the middle areas open for you to move around and grab items as necessary.

Use barcodes

Taking advantage of technology is an easy way of organising your items. For items of value, make sure you attach a scannable bar code to the storage box before putting the box in storage. Barcodes make identification easier, and you can check on inventory as is convenient for your business. Taking pictures is also useful, as you can refer to these images when providing instructions to employees or staff at the storage unit company. Images also come in handy when making an insurance claim for damages.