Hiring the Best Removalist

Hiring a professional removalist can really take the stress out of moving houses. Moving means an individual has to take care of so many things, including arranging new accommodation, sorting out bills and finances and more. Packing and transporting goods safely adds to the list of things to do. Fortunately, there are many reliable removalist companies that one can hire. These companies not only transport the goods but may also offer additional services such as packing and unpacking and storage.

Packing services

The removalist company provides boxes of various sizes which can be used to pack goods safely. For an additional fee or hourly rate the removalist company may also hire out workers to assist with the packing process. Many people, such as the elderly or those who are unwell, find it difficult to pack their belongings on their own. Hiring workers can help simplify this process. The workers will not only pack the goods but will also ensure that fragile and delicate items are wrapped safely so that they are not damaged during the moving process. 


Some people may not have their accommodation sorted, and others may simply not have the room at their new place to store all their beloved belongings. In this case, one can hire a removalist who also offers storage services. These services are charged on a monthly basis and the goods are safely stored in steel units. The key to the lock of the unit is left only in the possession of the owner of the goods. Furthermore, many storage facilities are protected with 24-hour CCTV cameras and alarm systems. The storage units are available in different sizes, so people can choose which size suits them best.

Tips for hiring the best removalist

When hiring a removalist there are certain factors that one should take into consideration. The major one is ensuring that the removalist company is licensed and insured. Let's face it, accidents can occur at any time. A valid insurance policy means that any losses are covered.

Another factor to take into consideration is the type of vehicle the removalist company is using to transport the goods. This should ideally be a truck fitted with a ramp. This will ensure that goods are safely loaded onto the truck without any risk of damage.

Before making a final decision, one should ask family and friends for their recommendations, and also take time to read reviews online and ask lots of questions.