How To Move During The Holidays

Most people prefer to move during holidays when they do not have a lot on their plate. However, the ongoing festivities could easily complicate the moving process. Below is a guide with some holiday moving tips.

Book Early

Many other people will want to move during the holidays. Therefore, removalists are likely to be occupied during the season. As such, the removal costs could skyrocket due to increased demand. The secret is to make an early booking with your preferred removalist. This way, you do not have to pay additional costs or suffer the hassles of finding a removalist. 

Go over the Removals Plan 

Contact the household removalist and go over the removal plan. It ensures both parties are well-prepared and prevents oversights that could complicate the move. For instance, you could realise that you do not have adequate packaging supplies, yet most businesses remain closed. Consider the following as you re-examine the removal plan; 

  • What time will the removalist arrive? If they have a lot of clients on the D-day, they could ask to come earlier to ensure they do not keep other clients waiting.
  • Do you need to move bulky or extremely heavy items? The removalist could bring in additional personnel or lifting equipment to protect the items from damage.
  • Do you need additional services? For instance, you might need the removalist to offer storage services, clean the new premises, or arrange the house.
  • Have you cleared the removal fee? Given that you might have other holiday costs, it would be easy to forget the removal charges.  

Consider your Kids and Pets

Holidays are an exciting time for kids. Therefore, the idea of relocation might not go down well with them since they will be away from their friends. As such, you can expect some resistance or anxiety during the move. The secret is to mind their welfare and keep them occupied and relaxed during the move. For instance, you could take them to a friend's house for a play date or to the local park to play as the removalist packs your items. Alternatively, you could keep them occupied with a new toy. Remember to pack the kids' essentials separately to ensure they have an easy time transitioning. 

Factor in the Ongoing Festivities 

The ongoing festivities are likely to affect the move. For instance, carnivals could cause traffic jams. Moreover, the property manager of your new house might be unavailable on the moving date. The secret is to adjust the removal plan to suit the prevailing conditions. For example, you could change the route to avoid traffic jams. Alternatively, you could ask the property manager to leave your apartment open to avoid inconveniences. 

When moving on a holiday, book early, go over the removals plan, consider your kids and pets, and factor in the ongoing festivities.