Moving in With Your Partner: The Benefits of Using a Removal and Storage Company

If you are planning on moving in with your partner, you may suddenly discover that your new home isn't big enough for the belongings and furniture that you both own. As well as having to agree on which items you want in your new home, you will also have to decide about what to do with the things you do not have room for. Below is a guide to the benefits of letting your removal company store these items.

5 Crucial Tips for Transporting a Valuable Painting During a Move

When people are asked to consider fragile items that might be difficult to move when you're changing your address, televisions and glassware tend to be the things that come to mind. However, paintings can prove to be the biggest challenge. They can be easily damaged by more than just bumps and scrapes, and certain works of art are extremely expensive. If you're moving a painting from house to house, you don't want to end up tearing what will turn out to be the 21st century's Mona Lisa, so take the following steps to protect your art.

Commercial Storage | 3 Sharp Efforts To Protect The Interests Of Your Business Tax Statements In Storage

While new tax returns are often stored online, there's a good chance that your old tax statements are physical papers, especially if you've been running your business for a long time. You may have set up a backup on the cloud, but holding on to these old records is often vital for business audits and appraisals in the future. This guide equips you with some sharp efforts to protect your business tax statements in storage.

A Few Tips for Turning a Shipping Container Into an Onsite Office

A shipping container usually has years of life left to it after it's been used for shipping, as these containers are meant to be strong and durable and withstand all sorts of damage. They can then be modified for other uses, including an onsite office that is good for a construction jobsite, outside of a warehouse or production facility, or anywhere that can't accommodate a permanent office. Note a few suggestions for modifying and customizing a shipping container to create an onsite office.

A Few Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Boat Storage

When buying a boat, you need to consider where and how you'll store it; the boat may fit in your home's garage but then not leave room for the car, and you may not want to risk damaging the boat with lawn care equipment, bikes, and the like that also go in the garage. When choosing boat storage, note a few tips on making the right choice. Marina and dry rack storage