Making the Most of Self Storage

Owning a self storage unit is becoming increasingly commonplace as people accumulate more belongings than they need. If you do not want to let go of some of these items due to sentimental value or are perhaps looking for somewhere safe to keep them before selling them, then a self storage unit would be an ideal choice. However, many individuals may not know how to make the most of their self storage space. Here are some handy tips to ensuring that your items remain in their best condition while they are in storage.

Invest in Pallets

One of the first mistakes that people make after renting out a self storage unit is placing their items directly on the floor. This may seem inconsequential if the floor is made of concrete, but the truth of the matter is you cannot be guaranteed that the room will not be compromised. Flooding, melting snow, spillage from adjacent units and more can make their way into your unit, and this poses significant risk of damage to your goods. Pallets are a great economical way of ensuring that your belongings are raised and safe from harm.

Invest in Cling Film

Another mistake that people make is storing their items bare. Granted, some items may not be able to fit into boxes, such as furniture. Nevertheless, leaving them bare puts them at risk of dirt and grime adhering to them, especially if they will be in self storage for a significant amount of time. Instead of leaving unboxed items bare, you should invest in cling film and wrap them up. The cling film seals the surfaces of these items, hence ensuring they will not be at risk of collecting dust or become breeding grounds for critters that may make their way into your storage unit.

Invest in Climate Control

A climate controlled unit is not something that everyone considers when they are selecting storage space. However, these types of units can go a long way in ensuring your items stay in good condition, especially if you have a significant number of electronics that you are putting in self storage. With the changing temperature, self storage units are prone to acquiring condensation. If this condensation makes its way into your electronics, it may cause irreparable damage. Rather than risk it, it would be best to invest in a climate-controlled unit that will ensure your kitchen appliances, entertainment gadgets and more are not compromised.

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