Tips for Moving to a New Home with Furniture Removalists

Planning the furniture removal process before the day you move will ensure that everything goes as quickly and painlessly as possible. Here are some tips to help.


There's no point in moving furniture to your new house if it can't fit; that's a waste of money. Ensure that you need all the furniture you will be moving and that there is enough space in your new home, especially if you're downsizing.

Also, measure the doors and hallways to make sure the furniture can fit. You should also empty large furniture pieces, such as wardrobes and cabinets, and remove any movable shelves. This will help prevent damage and make the furniture lighter and quicker to carry.


When you're packing small items, you should always use boxes rather than bags. Bags are only suitable for things like quilts, blankets and cushions. Everything else should go into sturdy boxes.

For heavy items such as books, choose a small box, as a large box full of books will be unwieldy to move; it could even take two people to lift.

Additionally, label the boxes with the room that they're intended for in your new house so the removalist can correctly deposit them. Otherwise, you'll be left with a jumble of boxes at your new home, which you'll have to shift. Alternatively, the removalists will need to check with you repeatedly on where to place the boxes, thus wasting time.

Clear Passageways

The removalists will pack the truck in a specific way so that the load is balanced and they can fit the most stuff in the fewest number of trips. Typically, heavy appliances such as washing machines are loaded at the front, furniture goes in the middle and boxes go at the back of the truck. On top, they'll layer lighter cushions and mattresses.

Thus, the removalist may want to take stuff out of your house in a particular sequence. To make this possible, ensure your home is organised and has clear passageways. If it's cluttered, disorganised and confusing, the move can take longer and accidents are more likely.


If you can, try to reserve parking for your old place and your new home. Having a quick walk between the house and the truck when loading and unloading will make a lot of difference when it comes to how long the relocation takes. Possibly, you could park a vehicle as a placeholder.

Off-Peak Hours

If you book the move for busy peak hours, the travel time between your houses will be longer, and the move could cost more, especially if multiple trips are required. So choose non-peak hours. If you live near a school, avoid school closing times.

For more information on furniture removal, contact a professional near you.