Tips to Making Your Office Move as Stress Free As Possible

Planning an office move can be an arduous task. Unlike a residential move, you need to ensure that all employees have their relevant items in order and properly organized so that you can hit the ground running when you settle in the new offices. Although removalists will typically offer full service that includes packaging your items for you, some smaller businesses may opt for basic transportation services in an attempt to save on costs. This is well and good if you know how best to organize your office equipment and records before the move. Here are some handy tips to make your office move stress free in the event that you opt for basic removalist services.

Elect one employee to oversee the moving process

When multiple people are involved in relocation, such as in an office scenario, the process can become quite complex. Some individuals may be better organized whereas others may lag behind with the moving process. To eliminate these inconsistencies, it would be best to have one member of staff oversee the entire moving process. This employee will be tasked with ensuring that all members of staff are following a specified plan. This ensures the process goes underway in an orderly and efficient manner. This employee can then report to you in the event of any problems during the packing period.

Take precautions when packing electrical equipment

It is tempting to simply put electrical equipment in packing boxes and wait for them to be relocated to the new office premises. However, these items such as computers, printers and other devices are at higher risk of damage from an array of elements such as dust, static electricity and more. It is always advisable to pack all electronic equipment in their original manufacturer's packaging. However, if this is not possible, then you should take measures to ensure they are properly insulated from damage by investing in specialised packing equipment for these items. The good news is that you can purchase these from your removalists to ensure they remain safe and intact during the moving process.

Colour code your packaging

Another way to make your office move efficient is to colour code the packaging that is being used. Since different employees will be involved in the moving process, it can be hard to keep track of items once they have been put into their respective boxes. By colour coding, you make it easier to spot which items have to go into which room without having to open all your boxes at once. For instance, all keyboards and desk related items could be allocated the colour yellow. All communal items such as printers, fax machines and the like could have blue packaging, and so on.