Ten Tips For A Stress-Free Move

Moving house is notoriously stressful and being well-prepared is undoubtedly a good way to make things go smoothly on the big day.  Here are eight tips to help you have a well-organised, chilled-out relocation.

Organisation and forward planning Once you've decided on a moving date, plan everything well in advance, including booking a firm specializing in furniture removals, notifying utilities companies etc.  Write everything down too; having a clear plan of action will help you to keep control of things on moving day.  

Pack a priority box

Moving house can be very tiring, and it's unlikely that you'll feel like unpacking everything on the day you arrive in your new place.  It can therefore be helpful to put together a priority box that contains everything you're likely to need in the first day or so.  Include items such as toiletries, phone chargers, clean underwear, and a few items of non-perishable food.  

Colour-code boxes

A quick and easy way to make your packed boxes identifiable is to use colour coding.  All you need is a pack of coloured dots (stationery suppliers sell them) and a sheet of paper.  Pick a colour for each destination room and 'dot' each box accordingly, remembering to keep a note of what colour pertains to each room. 

Avoid electrical confusion

It's one thing dismantling TV sets, computers and the like, but it can be quite another to correctly reconnect everything.  Try taking photos of items with the power cords 'in situ', so that you can refer to them when it comes to putting everything back together again.  

Avoid unnecessary packing and ironing

Using portable cardboard wardrobes can save you space in your suitcases and unnecessary ironing when you unpack.  Just transfer any hanging clothes on their hangers directly from your wardrobe into the temporary cardboard cartons and vice versa at the other end of your move.  

Leak protection strategy

Toiletries have a nasty habit of leaking during transit.  You can combat this simply by placing cling-film over the open tops of bottles and jars and then replacing the tops.  

Keep drawers in place

You can avoid having to pack and unpack some of your clothes by using rolls of cling-film wrapped around furniture to keep the drawers in place.  

Zip-lock bags

It can be all-too-easy to lose tiny items such as screws and washers that belong to dismantled pieces of furniture.  Put such items in Zip-lock bags and label them clearly.  Keep all the bags together in one box for transportation so that they don't get mislaid.

In conclusion

You can make your house move go smoothly by using these top tips.  Also, have a chat with your professional removalist for more advice on packing and organising your relocation.