Double Moving Tips To Help Keep Your Sanity Intact

When you have a new home built, but you need to move out of your old home before the building is completed, you face a double-move scenario. It can hard enough on the nerves to move once, but how do retain your sanity when you need to do it twice in a short period of time? These tips may well help to keep your sanity intact.

Storage Space

When you are packing up your existing home, you need to split your belongings into two piles. The first pile is the stuff you really need to survive on a daily basis, and the second pile is the belongings you can live without until you move into your finished home.

When your moving company arrives at the home, the items going to your temporary home should be placed at the back of the truck, and the items going to the storage shed should be placed at the front. This way, the moving company can stop at the storage shed first. Stopping at the storage shed first means a lot of your big belongs and heavy furniture can be unloaded while the day is young and everyone has the energy to deal with it.

Helpful hint: When you are moving into a temporary rental, check with your landlord or rental agent about hanging pictures and televisions on the wall. In many leases, you need prior approval before you can do this. If you can't hang it in your temporary home, put it in the storage shed until your new home is complete.

Pack Appropriately

Because some of your items are going to a storage shed, make sure they are packed appropriately compared to belongings that are going to be unpacked at your temporary digs straight away. For example, if you can't hang your wall-mounted television up at the temporary home you should choose to store it. Storing a large, flat-screen television in a storage shed is fine if you still have the original packaging it came in. If not, talk to your removal company to source a replacement television box it can be packed in. Removalists have access to a variety of different sized boxes for packing up non-standard size objects such as televisions.

Helpful hint: If you are going to be packing items such as electronics and photo albums into a storage unit, make sure you rent a climate-controlled one. Climate-controlled units mean your storage unit stays at a set temperature. This reduces the possibility of humidity creating moisture that can get into your electronics and cause damage.

Finally, when you are choosing a removalist, mention there will be a second move required within a short period of time. Rather than using two removalists for the job, try to negotiate a reduced rate for both moves with the same removalist. By doing so, you know you are getting a trusted service for both moves, and you can then concentrate on hurrying along your builder so you can get into your new home as quickly as possible. For more information, contact a removalist company in your area.