Extra Costs to Be Mindful Of When Moving House

Embarking on a residential move is not only time consuming but can also be quite expensive too. Despite getting an initial estimate from your removalists, you could end up spending more for your relocation due to an array of factors. However, some of these costs are unavoidable so it would be best to be aware of them so you could keep some money aside. Here are some of the extra costs that could end up inflating your initial moving estimate.

Full value protection insurance

Generally, it is always best to enlist the services of removalists, as they will provide you with some form of insurance for your items. It should be noted, though, that this insurance is pretty basic and may not cover all types of damage that your goods may incur when in transit. If you would like to rest assured that you would get full compensation in the event of anything unfortunate, you should opt for full value protection for your items. Your removalists can provide this type of insurance or you could choose to purchase it from a different insurance provider.

Express delivery costs

This type of cost is typically associated with interstate moves. If you are not travelling together with your removalists when moving long distance, you may want some assurance that your belongings will arrive before you get to your new home. You may also incur express delivery charges if you would like the removalists to carry out the relocation within a tight time frame. Removalists will typically try to keep their moving costs affordable as long as they can conveniently deliver your items for you to the new location. However, in the event that they would need to outsource extra services to ensure your belongings are delivered as fast as possible, then you may be charged expressed delivery costs.

Storage costs

In some instances, you may be moving house but find your new home is not ready for occupation. Perhaps it requires thorough cleaning or you may not be available to facilitate the offloading of your belongings. No matter the reasons, this may require you to opt for temporary storage of your items by the removalists. Some providers may offer these services but they will charge you an extra fee for it. The longer your items are left in storage with the removalists, the higher the charges will be. The charges may also vary depending on the amount of space that would be required to store your belongings. It would therefore be in your best interests to enquire about this beforehand so you can have an idea of how much the extra costs will be.