Furniture Removalists | 3 Smart Steps To Make Your House Move Seamless

Smart planning is vital when it comes to moving between homes, especially if you need to pack and prepare your furniture before the removalists arrive. To ensure a seamless move, you need to undertake some nifty steps when working with your furniture removalists.  

Prepare A Complete Inventory Of All Furniture To Be Moved

If you live in a furnished or semi-furnished rental, then chances are that some furniture isn't yours. Without proper planning or instructions, your furniture removalists could potentially take the wrong pieces to your new home. To prevent this level of miscommunication from occurring, it's always ideal to prepare a complete inventory of all furniture to be moved to your new home. This inventory list should include everything from wardrobes and sofas to dining tables and the number of chairs. The more details you can list down in the inventory, the easier it will be to coordinate a more seamless move with your removalists. Your inventory checklist should ideally be separated into the different rooms in your home for easier planning.

Be Clear About Whether You Or Your Removalist Should Pack The Furniture

More often than not, people tend to get into debates with the removalists about who should pack the furniture after the contract and fees have been agreed upon. This can give rise to far too many problems on the days leading up to moving day. To avoid this level of miscommunication, it's ideal to stipulate roles and responsibilities between each party in writing in the contract. For instance, if you decide to pack the furniture, then make sure the removalists are aware, so that they can estimate a price quote accordingly. There's no sense in them include packing charges into the contract price when you have decided to pack your own furniture.

Give Adequate Notice To Your Removalist About Moving Day

Many home-movers make the mistake of calling up removalists at the last minute expecting to get a truck on demand. This could be a tad difficult on peak or busy moving days for most people, which are typically at the end of the month, in the midst of school holidays or during summers when the weather is favourable. To circumvent this problem, make sure you book your removalist truck well in advance to avoid disappointment on the day you need to move into your new home. A few days before moving day, you may want to call and confirm your booking to avoid any misunderstandings on the final day.

If you're looking to move between homes, follow these smart steps when working with removalists to make it as seamless and stress-free as possible.