Top Tips When Hiring a Household Removalist.

Moving your home can be a challenging task. You have to purchase moving boxes, pack all your items, and go through the nightmare of transporting fragile items such as electronics and furniture. A household removalist can significantly ease the removal process. Read the extract below to know the various considerations you should make when hiring a household removalist.

Rely on Reputation and Experience

Evaluate the removalist's reputation by checking online reviews and real estate blogs. Besides, you could ask friends and family to recommend reputable removalists in your area. Avoid removalists accused of poor customer relations and low-quality services. Removalists with years of experience on the job have ample knowledge on how to overcome removal challenges such as narrow staircases and hallways. Besides, they have a wide range of removal equipment such as furniture dollies, trolleys, lifting straps and removal blankets. 


The removalist should exhibit a high degree of professionalism. Typically, house removals begin with an inspection to evaluate the scope of the work and the various challenges the removalist might encounter. Inquire about safety precautions. For example, how will the removalist ensure that electronics are not damaged during transport? Most removal trucks have restraining straps that prevent equipment movement and collision. Besides, the equipment is wrapped in blankets to avoid scratches.

Terms and Conditions

The removalist should have reasonable terms and conditions. Some of your concerns might include the following:

  1. What items does the professional transport? Most removalists will transport all your household items. However, they may not transport pets and expensive items such as jewellery and paintings.
  2. Will the removalist provide packing boxes?
  3. What are the exemptions on the insurance cover? You might not receive compensation if you choose to pack the items.
  4. Does the removalist offer storage services? It is an essential consideration if you are moving to a smaller house.
  5. Will the removalist unpack and arrange things in your new home?  


The removal services should be competitively priced. Inquire about extra charges. For instance, some removalists will charge an extra fee if you live in a multistorey house. You might also have to pay toll and parking fees. Some removalists will charge more during weekends and holidays. Inquire about deposits and cancellation fees. Besides, ask when and how you should make your payments. 

Hiring a household removalist is now easy with the above tips. Work with an experienced, reputable, and professional removalist. Besides, the professional should have reasonable terms and conditions and a friendly pricing strategy.