Two tips for parents who are moving house a few days before Christmas

If you have kids and your house move will be happening just a few days before Christmas, here are a few handy hints that will help you.

1. Put your children's presents in a self-storage facility

It is best to put your children's Christmas presents into a self-storage building before the move. It will be very hard to hide the presents from your kids when you're moving. Whilst these items might currently be safely tucked inside the loft or hidden under your bed, you will need to take them out of this hiding place when you start packing. If you don't put them into storage, you'll have to try to sneak them into the moving van and then stealthily remove them and find a hiding spot for them in the new property.

Given that your children will be wandering about whilst you're packing and moving, the chances of them noticing some of the items you or 'Santa' has bought for them will be high. Furthermore, you might struggle to choose somewhere suitable to hide them in the new property, because you're unfamiliar with it and because your children will probably spend the first day at the house exploring every nook and cranny. Lastly, if you pack the presents and take them with you in the moving van, they might get crushed if a box or some furniture falls on them or they might get lost amongst the many others items you need to transport.

If you put all of the Christmas presents in a self-storage facility that's within easy reach of your new house, you won't have to stress about concealing or protecting the presents whilst you're trying to manage the house move, as they'll be in a storage unit where they won't get damaged or be seen by the recipients. You can then pick them up after the move on Christmas Eve.

2. Set your Christmas tree up immediately after arriving

Whilst you might have a list longer than your arm of things that you need to do when you move into the new house, you should still take an hour when you first arrive to set up your Christmas tree. If you put this off until after you've unpacked most of your other items and have set up your furniture, then you might be too worn out to do it. This might result in your first Christmas in this new home not feeling very festive or being memorable for your children. Furthermore, if there's no tree, then you won't have a traditional place to display the presents after you collect them from the storage facility.

For more information about moving during the holidays, contact local self-storage companies.