Two Ways to Save Money When Using Home Removals Services

Here are some ways to save money when using home removals services.

Work out how to make your belongings compact before ordering a removals van

One simple money-saving step you can take is determining how you can make your belongings extremely compact before you order a removals van in a specific size. For example, you might be able to fit your books into your (clean, defrosted and unplugged) fridge-freezer, store some of your clothes in the drums of your dryer and washing machine and put your cutlery and small kitchen gadgets in your chest of drawers.

If you work this out before you ask for a van, you can pick a van in a smaller size than you would have, had you just left your items in their uncompacted state. This could shave quite a few dollars off your removals bill. If you adopt this approach, make sure that you stick notes on each object that you're using as an improvised storage container., Make sure to state what's inside it and use strong tape to seal its doors or drawers so that nothing falls out in the removals van.

Give yourself enough time beforehand to get everything ready for the removals team  

The other way to save money is to ensure that you have enough time to get everything ready for the removals team. If the only thing the removals team have to do is pick up your boxes (which, ideally, you'll have stacked just inside the front door or outside of it so they're easy for them to access) and put them in the van, and then repeat this process after their arrival at the other property, you should be able to use a shorter timeslot than if you had been less prepared.

For example, if the removals team shows up, they have to take apart all of your furniture, collect the boxes that are scattered all over the property, unplug the appliances before removing them and take your framed pictures off the walls, you'll need a timeslot that is perhaps an hour longer than the one you could have booked, had you done these preparatory tasks yourself before they had arrived. As such, if you're willing to be thorough when preparing for this move, you could end up with a much smaller removals bill. 

For more information regarding how to best prep your belongings in order to move, contact a removals company.