Do You Really Need to Hire Professional Movers?

As moving day approaches, you might ask yourself the question that many people ask themselves when it's time to move house—can't you just do the work yourself? After all, how hard can it be? You might have a friend with a heavy vehicle licence who can drive a rented truck, and you have other friends who can help with the heavy lifting. After all, many hands make light work. But you also need to consider that these hands should also be sufficiently strong and skilled. In short, it's not such a great idea to move house without professional assistance.

The Sheer Number of Items

Chances are that you have more possessions than you realised, even after you get rid of the things you won't need in your new home (which is always a great idea before moving). The sheer number of items that need to be packed can be daunting. And then there's also the fact that these items must be placed in sufficiently strong boxes, often with extra protection (such as bubble wrap). Sure, you can track down packaging material, but a moving company will be able to drop sufficient quantities of everything you'll need before you start packing.

That Weight Adds Up

Don't underestimate just how difficult it will be to move your furniture and appliances. Perhaps you have a French door-style fridge. That's 138 kg right there. An average washing machine is 60 kg to 80 kg, with larger machines weighing in at up to 110 kg. Imagine (carefully) lifting these items from their existing location, into the moving truck, and their new location at your new home. And that's in addition to all your other furniture, appliances, and multiple boxes. Professional furniture removalists have the experience and skill (along with specialist equipment) to move these heavy items without damaging them.

Beware of Injury

Lifting heavy items also poses the risk of physical injury. No matter how carefully you try to do it (lifting with your legs, not with your back), there's a real chance of someone injuring themselves when they try to lift something beyond their capacity. Professional moving companies know the technique required to safely move heavy weights.

Protection During Moving

What happens if something gets damaged on moving day? Anyone who decides to take care of the work themselves needs moving insurance, offering protection to your possessions while they're in transit. Arguably, your items are at more risk when being moved by people who might not quite know what they're doing, despite their best intentions. A moving company will already have this insurance. 

To learn more about your options, reach out to several furniture removalists in your area.