Two Tips to Follow When Using Residential Removalists’ Services

Here are some tips to follow when working with a residential removalist.

Update them if the quantity or overall volume of the items you're moving changes

When you book this service, the residential removalist will either visit your home and assess your possessions or will ask you to describe the categories and quantity of items you'd like them to move. After this conversation, they'll then know how many of their employees they'll need to send to your home to move your items, as well as what size van they should use and how long, approximately, the move will take.

The quantity or overall volume of your possessions might change between the time you have this conversation and the day of the move. If for example, if you find a way to compress your items in a way that means you'll be using fewer boxes than you thought you would, you should update the removalist. This will ensure that they don't send too many employees to help you move, they'll bring a smaller moving van and that they readjust their work schedule. This will not only help them out but could result in the removalist giving you a smaller bill, due to the reduction in their own expenses.

If you're using their packing service, find out what it includes

If you'll be using their packing service, it's important to have the removalist clarify what's included in it. For example, you should find out if they'll provide the boxes or if you'll have to pay another fee for them. If they do include boxes, you should also find out if they also provide the tape and bubble-wrap; most removalists do; however, it's sensible to find out for certain so that you don't find yourself with boxes you cannot seal on your moving day.

You should also clarify how much of your involvement will be required when they're packing your things; for example, they might want to check if it's ok with you to pack some kitchen items with some dining room items or they may need to find out if you are happy for the bedding from different bedrooms to be packed in the same boxes. If you're not too fussy about how the packing is done, as long as everything arrives at the new place safely, and you'd prefer not to be involved in the packing at all, telling them this beforehand will ensure that they don't ask you too many questions on the day.