Double Moving Tips To Help Keep Your Sanity Intact

When you have a new home built, but you need to move out of your old home before the building is completed, you face a double-move scenario. It can hard enough on the nerves to move once, but how do retain your sanity when you need to do it twice in a short period of time? These tips may well help to keep your sanity intact. Storage Space When you are packing up your existing home, you need to split your belongings into two piles.

Tips to Making Relocation Easy for Your Kids

Moving house is not just difficult for adults; this process can also be quite stressful for kids, especially younger children who may not fully grasp what is happening. From gathering all their belongings together, to having removalists in your home, the entire process can prove to be emotionally straining for your kids. If the relocation process is not fully comprehensible to them, they may start to act out during the furniture removal process and this could make it even more frustrating for you.

Ten Tips For A Stress-Free Move

Moving house is notoriously stressful and being well-prepared is undoubtedly a good way to make things go smoothly on the big day.  Here are eight tips to help you have a well-organised, chilled-out relocation. Organisation and forward planning Once you've decided on a moving date, plan everything well in advance, including booking a firm specializing in furniture removals, notifying utilities companies etc.  Write everything down too; having a clear plan of action will help you to keep control of things on moving day.

Pac(k) Man: 5 Mistakes To Avoid when Packing to Moving House

Packing to move house can be stressful experience. With so much to plan and do, it can be easy to make mistakes which can cause additional strain and stress. Below are 5 mistakes people make when packing for the big move. Not Having a Plan Having a plan is key to packing your belongings successfully. If you pack in a random fashion, not only are you more likely to be unable to find anything when you unpack at the other end, you also increase the chance you will lose or forget items altogether.

Tips to Making Your Office Move as Stress Free As Possible

Planning an office move can be an arduous task. Unlike a residential move, you need to ensure that all employees have their relevant items in order and properly organized so that you can hit the ground running when you settle in the new offices. Although removalists will typically offer full service that includes packaging your items for you, some smaller businesses may opt for basic transportation services in an attempt to save on costs.